Services for Families and Women

Families that have migrated by choice or forced to leave their countries to settle in Australia as refugees experience a major shift in family dynamics throughout their settlement process in Australia. Our program helps newly arrived families to address their settlement challenges through joint solutions that are culturally appropriate which may include support groups or information sessions and supportive pathways to employment and training, family, relationships, parenting, housing, and others.

  • • Mother’s Program: A fortnightly South Asian Mother’s Group is organised to help newly arrived mothers to settle in Australia. Our fortnightly program includes recreational outings, arts and crafts, and information sessions on settlement services such as Australian child care system, ante and post natal care, family relationships, parenting skills and others. 

  • • Grandparent’s Program: Newly arrived Nepalese and Chinese grandparents are supported with fortnightly program on elderly health, family harmony, school lunchbox of grandchildren, and visits to nursing home and other recreational outings. 

  • • Youth Program: Newly arrived young people are supported by encouraging meaningful participation. Our youth program aims to build positive social connectedness, develop young people’s life skills aside from grooming a new generation of youth leadership. We offer youth casework, school holiday activities, school sports clinic, in-school tutoring, annual youth camp, and others.  

  • • Family Program: Many of our activities are catered for the whole family such as our diverse cultural festivals and sports program like Chinese New Year, Nepalese Dashain Festival and Bengali International Mother’s Language Day Soccer event aside from other cross-cultural activities.

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If you don’t speak any of the above languages please call the Telephone Interpreters Service (TIS) on 131450 to contact us.

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