Disability Employment Services (DES)

If you are a job seeker with a disability, injury or health condition, we can help you find and keep a job.



Advance Diversity Services is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Australia’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

We help people with a disability, injury or health condition to find and work – a free service for eligible job seekers under the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program.

Am I eligible for DES?

You may be eligible for our services if you:

  • Have a diagnosed injury, illness or disability.
  • Are aged between 14 to 65 years
  • Are able to work at least eight hours per week (with support when required)
  • Are an Australian resident
  • Are not studying full time (unless you’re an eligible school leaver)
  • Are not working at or above your assessed employment capacity

Why choose ADS?

Our experienced and skilled Employment Consultants focus on your strengths and goas – matching your skills to the right job and supporting you as you adjust to your new role and workplace.

We offer:

  • Tailored services to suit your unique abilities and challenges.
  • Working with you to create an employment pathway plan.
  • Assistance to overcome barriers to employment.
  • Access to our extensive networks and knowledge of local employers to maximize your work opportunities.
  • Wage subside support.
  • On-the-job role training and workplace modifications.
  • Training and support to help you apply for and get a job, and remain in it happily.

ADS partners with Settlement Service Internationals (SSI) and other providers to offer DES in Bexley, Rockdale and Sutherland.

Register with us today

To register please contact us on 02- 9597 5455 and speak to one of our Employment Consultants  or  Contact SSI’s Disability Employment Services on 02- 8713 9200 and request to register with Advance Diversity Services.

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