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Advance Diversity Services, its Nepalese Reference Group and Youth Club, Ethnic Community Council of NSW join with Rockdale City Council to take part in the  tree planting activity on 26 July 2015 at 4 Hawthorne St Ramsgate NSW 2217. The event brought many aspects together such as educational walk and talk through the local bush, to protect the nature and the lovely trees in St George Region. Advance Diversity Services and it’s community groups is very much keen on protecting the environment as they participated in many environmental related activities such as Cooks River Water Wise Project information session, Rockdale Bicentennial Park clean up on 30 May 2015 and bush walk to understand how nature is polluted by the human activities at Wolli Creek Valley 28 June 2015

The Arabic Community Development  Worker from Settlement Grant Program at  Advance Diversity Services(ADS), was invited to speak  in the Islamic Al-Mabarrat’s  1st Annual Conference organised  titled ‘Education and Schooling: Experiences and Reflections’ at Arrahman Islamic Centre, Kingsgrove Sydney on the 16th of  May 2015. The conference was to address, the key issues and challenges of education in bi -cultural, bilingual settings and reflected on curriculum matters. The Arabic Development worker from ADS addressed the challenges faced by the Arabic speaking students and parents with the Australian educational system through her experience as she closely work with  Arabic Community. She also shared her ideas and initiatives with the aim of empowering the community to contribute towards high quality learning. Debate and discussion with various speakers have helped the success of the conference. Participating in this conference has opened further participation of ADS in such conferences and developed strong relationship and partnership with the conference participants.

Advance Diversity Services Nepalese Dance Group participated  in the “Nepalese Children’s Talent Night” on 23 May 2015 which has been organised by Nepalese Australian Associations (NAA) to support earthquake relief projects in Nepal. This event provided an opportunity for 15 talented ADS Nepalese Dance Group Children to showcase their talents to their families, friends and the wider community. Their gorgeous cultural costumes, sparkling jewelleries, natural face expressions and dance moves brought Nepal Culture live on the stage. Sachesta Shrestha, age 6, was the Star of the Night   and ADS Dance group was awarded for the Best Dance Award, among 80 participants and 34 different performances. Sachesta Shrestha  is  the youngest in the group showed her talents and enthusiasm throughout the year of her learning and the performances. ADS congratulate Sachesta Shrestha, other performers, parents, and our Dance Instructor for their success and hard work. (Photo credit to MN TV)


On Tuesday, 24 February 2015, Advance Diversity Services (ADS) held the Spiritual Practice of Fasting at Civic Theatre, Hurstville Entertainment Centre.Over 100 community members and community workers from diverse faiths came to hear religious scholars and leaders from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism talk about fasting in their respective faith.

Antoinette Chow, Executive Officer of Advance Diversity Services, said she was “thrilled” by the success of the event, and  “This is how we build harmony. I hope that our series of faith-based events will go a long way in nurturing a culture of interreligious dialogue in the region”, said Antoinette Chow.

The event also aimed to promote the message of unity  around the theme“Standing Together” amidst tragic events that have happened in Australia and around the world. Speaking on the success of the event, Lorraine Watson, co-founder of St George Women’s Interfaith Network, said “I am excited to be part of the ADS’s Interfaith Project Advisory Committee which is essentially putting a UN resolution into practice and that is mutual undestanding and interreligious dialouge constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace,”

Grief Recovery Support (Group Session) – Advance Diversity Services has organised a grief recovery  support group session  for you , members of your family or friends in the local Nepalese community. The support will be provided by St George Community Mental Health Professional  at 1 Premier Street Kogarah on 05 May 2015  at 11.30 am .  You do not need to make an appointment, just walk in. If you would like to have more information please call us on 95975455 on to  speak to our Nepalese Support Worker Rishi Acharya.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015, at 5:30 p.m.  at Kings Street Mall ,Rockdale 2216

The Advance Diversity Services and it’s Nepalese Reference Group members with the support of Rockdale City Council  would like to invite and welcome you to a Candle Light Vigil to reflect on the recent tragic Earthquake in Nepal and show support for the victims and survivors of this devastating event. The Vigil takes place on Wednesday, 29 April 2015  at Kings Street Mall Rockdale and commences at 5:30 pm. The program will include a collective prayer and moment of silence lead by staff of the Advance Diversity Services , a candle lighting ceremony and an exchange of reflections and thoughts as well as messages of hope for the people of Nepal. This special event will show love & respect for those who affected by the Earthquake and their families.

On the 19th of March 2015, Harmony Day was celebrated gloriously in the city of Kogarah. The Kogarah Library was filled with over a hundred enthusiastic personals, including the Mayor of Kogarah Council, Michael Platt and the Chairperson of Advance Diversity Services(ADS), Ruth Fyfe. The event was organised by ADS, along with the Kogarah City Council, in the wake of the SMGRC Cultural Hub Project: which provided the Hijab Styling, the exciting Henna Tattoos, the stall filled with delicious aroma of the food from the Bengali, Nepali and Arabic backgrounds, and a graceful Nepali dance performance held for crowd entertainment by a ADS Nepali Dance Group, dressed in their ravishing and colourful clothing. The exciting Harmony Day Write-off Contest was held, in the midst of all the celebration and the winners went home happily with their awards. All in all, it was a successful, yet harmonious day, filled with smiles and laughter.

On the 19th of  March 2015, Advance Diversity Services’s Cultural Hub Project, provided Chinese calligraphy and painting workshop at the 3 Bridges Harmony Day celebration. There were many different varieties of cultures present, who all had the golden opportunity to learn the beautiful art of Chinese calligraphy and painting. This provided a wonderful chance for the Chinese cultural arts to have a further upcoming in the society.

 Chinese Calligraphy Workshop 19 March  2015  three Chinese Calligraphy Workshop 19 March  2015  oneChinese Calligraphy Workshop 19 March  2015  two

Bullying should not happen to anyone 

On 23 January 2015 Summer School Holidays Youth Camp held at the Advance Diversity Services (ADS), Rockdale. The activities started in the morning with an information session on how to prevent bullying and self-care by St George Youth Services  and continued with St George Local Area Command Police information session, games and Tie & Dye T Shirt Painting Workshop. There were twenty five young migrants from various cultural backgrounds participated in this camp and the feedback from the participants and the parents were very positive.

The media article has been written by Era Sharma who was an active participant in this youth camp which was published on “Nepalipathra fortnightly community newspaper.