Disability Services


Our bilingual and bicultural staff are professional and passionate. We can help you connect with services that meet your goals and needs as well as build your skills to maintain a lifestyle of your choice.

Who we support

We deliver support services to children and adults with special needs, intellectual disabilities (e.g. developmental delays, Down Syndrome), physical disabilities (including Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, brain injury) and sensory disabilities ( e.g.blindness, hearing loss, Autism). We also provide support to parents, carers and families caring for a child or adult with disabilities.

How We Can Help

Recreational and Educational Program Regular family outings, school holiday program, educational workshops and other opportunities for social activities.  We take people out in order to increase their social skills and community access whilst giving carers some time for their own activities and wellbeing.


Advice, Information and Referral Information

Our staff are ever ready to provide you with advice, support and information as well as link you to services and supports that will enable you to live independently in the community. Our aim is to improve your quality of life and enable you to actively participate in the community.

Carer Support

Carers form an integral part in this journey. They play a significant role in caring and improving the lives of their loved one and we want to acknowledge them by providing support through carers groups, workshops and activities. These sessions include wellbeing of carers, knowledge and skills to improve their quality of life and information and education sessions that enhance their roles as carers. Some examples include nutrition, healthy eating, relaxation, centerlink benefits and many more….


Please call (02) 9597 5455 to discuss your needs or send us an enquiry here or alternatively call our Multicultural Hotline (02) 9505 7601 to speak to a bilingual worker who can provide you with information and support in your own language. The Hotline operates Monday to Friday from 10am-3pm.

Monday: Italian

Tuesday: Arabic

Wednesday: Macedonian; Serbian; Croatian; Bosnian

Thursday: Chinese

Friday: Greek

For other languages please call the Telephone Interpreters Service (TIS) on 131450


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Government has changed the way in which it has funded disability services in Australia. The new funding system is called National Insurance Disability Scheme which is called NDIS for short.  This is new way of providing support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, their families and their carers. This reform is proposed to increase choice and control for people with disabilities.

ADS will be a registered providers for the NDIS in South Eastern Sydney area as of July 1st 2017 and we can support you with referrals, advocacy, help you access further information and the other services.

  • We can help you find the most suitable service for you or your loved ones under the NDIS. We can also help by providing interpreting support if required.
  • We can help you to choose a support that works for you and enriches your life or the life of your loved one. Talk to us any time, we are always here to help
  • You can find more information about NDIS in the following link: http://ndis.nsw.gov.au/

ADS will be registered providers for NDIS in South Eastern Sydney area as of July 1st 2017 and we are able to support you with information, guidance, support and advocacy in this new space. We do recognise that changes bring pressure, anxiety and fear of the unknown and our staff are dedicated in providing you with all the help you need in order to ease into NDIS and refer you on to supports that make your journey better.